Hi, I'm Joe Sage and I'm the mix engineer at the helm of Nevis Audio.

I help musicians get their music noticed, by providing them with professional-sounding mixes for their songs, that make them stand out from the crowd.

Learning my trade by engineering for some of the UK's best producers and I will provide the same professional quality sound for your tracks. 


I have worked with artists from all over Europe and America to help them develop their sound and maximize their potential. I can help deliver those same results for your career.


The Pro Sound Plan

Step 1
Get In Touch.
Step 2
We'll discuss how to send over your song for a Free Mix Sample.  
Step 3
You'll receive your Free Mix Sample within 1 week.
Let's make your best song yet.





We can take your tracks, recorded in any studio and turn them into professional  polished recordings that will blow your fans away.

Sorella Sound

When doing research into who we wanted to mix our song, we were initially concerned about finding the right person for our piece. However, after hearing the mix Joe provided for us, we learnt there was no need to worry. The mix Joe provided truly brought our piece to life.

Andrew McEwan

The band and I had such a great experience working with Joe. He really did go the extra mile. That's what you want as a songwriter, and he put the care and attention in throughout the process. That is why I'm looking forward to working with Joe again on my next recording.

The Taboos

We’d never hired a mix engineer remotely before but we found Joe to have a friendly and professional nature, as well as being really easy to work with. Joe gave us a much crispier, tighter sound with a perfect level of polish.