• Joe Sage

13- Is This Holding You Back?

If you’re in a band, ultimately you want success. It arrives in many forms but we can agree that being a key, and well known, figure in your local scene is a great indicator of that success.

So how do you achieve this? There’s a lot of people with opinions on how to become successful in various niches and genre but I’m going to simply tell you the one mindset that might be holding you back from glory.

Run Your Own Race

I’m going to steal an anecdote from Chris Graham (of Chris Graham Mastering) about his time as a track and field runner. 

His coach told him that if you’re running around the final bend of a race and you look over your shoulder to see what’s going on behind, you’ll lose momentum and lose speed. Looking behind you could cost you the race

The same goes for being in a band. If you become concerned or even obsessed with what other artists do, you’ll lose sight of what you should be doing. 

If you fail to implement your strategies and run your own race, people will only compare you to the band you’re concerned are your rivals. 

In the time when you’re so desperately trying to counter or defeat a rival bands strategy, another band will carry momentum from behind and blow you both out of the water. 

Become 'A Local Scene Sage' Strategy 

  1. Network your butt off. The best way to eliminate your rivals is to not start rivalries in the first place. Become the go-to person in your scene that people seek advice from. Building a positive reputation will make you top of mind for any opportunities and referrals.

  2. Run Your Own Race It’s fine to take inspiration from others but stop being so concerned with what other people do. Put that energy into creating unique and interesting ways to engage with your audience or your music-making (as that’s what you’re in this for in the first place, right?).

  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help No-one can do this as an island. Reach out and ask for help or opinions on your music. People have been there and done it before, and their knowledge on what to avoid could prove priceless to you. 

Go from someone on the fringes to someone who is seen as a music guru.

Do you feel like the way your music sounds is holding you back from being a key member of your music scene? Then book a project here and get a mix that gets you noticed!